Briarcliff Varsity Boys Tennis Players Rise to the Challenge

Charlie Martin

At Briarcliff Manor School District, students’ motivation to push themselves to succeed goes well beyond the classroom.

Last year, Varsity Boys Tennis Coach Bob Slotoroff saw that the athletes needed to be challenged so he asked Athletic Director Chris Drosopoulos to move them up one league.

The result has paid back in spades.

“A new league meant a much bigger challenge but the athletes rose to the occasion,” he said. “They finished the season undefeated in league play.”

Mr. Slotoroff mentioned sophomore Charlie Martin, junior Eli Snider and seniors Jordan Kratz and Markus Bures as the top players.

“They have been playing very well. Each one has a strong competitive edge and so far, they have met every challenge they had,” he said. “When you are playing the top athletes at other schools there is no “walk over” anymore, so you have to step it up. That’s okay. They are hustling – good for them.”

The team will move later in the month onto team and individual tournaments.

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