Briarcliff High School Math Lab Helps Struggling Math Students

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Math class can be fun and easy for some people, but terrifying and grueling for others.

Luckily, if you are a student at Briarcliff High School, we have your back.

One of the unique aspects about Briarcliff High School is that it has a math lab. The lab, which is open every day during school hours (except for period 5B), always has a math teacher present who can provide immediate help to students struggling with math.

Students typically go to their teachers for extra help in math before or after school, but having the lab always available during the school day can be helpful, especially for students who have a free period, or want to go during lunch.

Another unique aspect about the lab is that in addition to having a math teacher on premise, there are often also students who help tutor others.

Photo supplied by BHS

“Students who are inducted into the Math Honor Society, which is mostly juniors and seniors, are assigned one period every 10-day cycle, in which they help their peers in the lab,” said math teacher Mary Oliver. “It is nice, it gives them an opportunity to give back, and the teacher on-site is always watching them and supervising.”

Although the lab is optional for most students, it may be required for students who are struggling with math.

“Those who are struggling are expected to attend,” Oliver said. “This way they receive immediate intervention. I once had a student who was struggling and was assigned to the lab. We did homework every day and her skill and grade point average increased substantially.”

Some teachers drop off an answer key for students who will come to get help with their homework. The math teacher in the lab is the only one who has access to it.

Sometimes the teachers give a take-home assignment that will be collected and graded.

“Students are often encouraged to work on it in the math lab, so they have the opportunity to get help on it before they hand it in,” Oliver said.

According to Oliver, a student’s improvement depends on their attendance and their effort.

“I always find that with effort, there is always improvement,” she said. The lab is a great opportunity for students to get help during the school day. We welcome anyone who needs help to join us.”


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