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Back in the day, some of the most renowned universities were accessible only to people with deep pockets who were able to move close to (if the university was far away from their home) the university campus.

They were obligated to stay there until they finish their studies. Those who didn’t have enough money to support that kind of “lifestyle” were forced to find a job. Fortunately, things have changed for the better in the last couple of years.

Nowadays, you can come across numerous excellent e-learning platforms where some of the best universities in the world are providing people with their online degrees without breaking the bank. Today, we will uncover the ways you can apply to an online degree program, so stay tuned!

Smart Ways To Get An Online Degree

Bachelor’s Degree

If you’re interested in obtaining an online degree then you should focus on the deadlines concerning things like admissions application, test score submission, financial help, and other things.

Bear in mind that online calendars, as well as the deadlines, are usually pretty different in comparison to on-campus offerings. The first thing you must do is to fill the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for federal grants, loans, and jobs that you can do while studying.

Almost every student that applies for financial help qualifies for some form of it. Since this whole process is a little bit complex and intimidating to some, it would be recommendable to consult schools’ advisers who will guide you through this.

Furthermore, it is highly likely you will have to fill the Common Application which almost nine hundred schools accept, along with several colleges outside the United States. If by any chance you have solid work experience, then you should accentuate that, as well as the other high-quality skills that you possess.

What About PhD?


A Ph.D. is considered to be the highest degree in almost every field. There are various first-class online PhD programs out there that can help you acquire this degree. A majority of students pursue it after obtaining a master’s degree, however, today, you can stumble across programs that accept people even with a bachelor’s degree.

Moreover, you can complete this program in four to eight years, however, if you enroll in an accelerated program you can get it much sooner. Below, we will list universities that offer amazing Ph.D. programs:

  1. Amridge University
  2. Barry University
  3. Capitol Technology University
  4. George Washington University
  5. Idaho State University

Anything Else Worth Knowing?

The Cost Of PhD

According to the reports that were posted in October 2021, the average PhD is 114,300 US dollars. In order to cover some of these expenses, a majority of PhD students turn to some kind of financial aid.

Doctoral candidates normally get around $12,800 as a form of financial help. Just keep in mind that even candidates who get financial aid may still need to pay off a substantial amount of student loans.

Getting a degree, as you can see, is a bit less complicated than it used to be, but it still does require a lot of effort and money. That’s why you should carefully read everything that’s been written here to see what your prospects are.

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