14 Tips for Acing Your Finals

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Final exams are a serious test. Not only are they a test of your knowledge and mental abilities, but also your stress resistance. You will make a step forward towards acing your finals if you read on. Two steps back if you close the tab.

Why Me?

We know how it feels. Every college or university student had to go through this. You are asking yourself the same questions, sometimes out loud. Can anyone write my essay for me? Why don’t I have a genius twin to pass my exams? Well, a professional writing service can help with the first one. The second question to the universe remains rhetorical.

Informed means armed. Acing your finals will seem less difficult when you are prepared. Read this article to get ready for your final battle. You are certain to win.

Say Yes To

1. A study-oriented place

Environment matters, so clean up and organize your studying space. Make sure it has:

  • a comfortable desk
  • an ergonomic chair
  • quality lighting
  • inspiring accessories and artwork
  • access to high-speed internet

You can also listen to classical music, so some loudspeakers would also be great. In addition, you can put a ceramic oil burner on your desk. Certain fragrances can boost your energy and concentration, like citrus aromas, for instance.

2. Plenty of sleep

All-nighters are a bad idea, even if the temptation is overwhelming. Our shut-eye state is more important than it seems. It makes consolidating memories and information easier. Be honest with yourself, though. Do not use sleep as an excuse for procrastination. BTW, lavender oil helps to sleep well. Your oil burner can serve various purposes.

3. A study buddy

Do you know that standup comedians have a so-called comedy buddy? This is their colleague who helps to develop jokes. One helps another; then they exchange roles. You can do the same with your exam prep. Ask each other questions and add some information to your partner’s answer. That can be fun.

4. Teach someone else

You can master the topic only if you teach someone else. Organize a study group and pretend to be a professor. Explain concepts to your fellow students and answer their questions. You can also create sample test questions. If you are too shy to talk in front of your groupmates, let the toys in your bedroom be your students.

5. Ask for help

You are never alone in your exam prep. There are many resources and people around you that can help. Feel free to:

  • email your faculty (make sure you do it during their working hours)
  • take advantage of mobile apps designed for studies
  • use free academic resources

6. WWW

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We are not trying to be Captain Obvious and suggest surfing the net. WWW stands for Whiteboards Work Wonders. Detectives in criminal series use this technique in their investigations. A whiteboard is a powerful means of memorizing information, just like colorful stickers.

7. Vocalize

When you are working on your final paper, read it aloud. It may feel awkward. But when you get used to listening to your voice, you will discover how useful this method is. At the level of sense, you will feel whether you managed to get your message across. In addition to this, you will be able to correct spelling and grammar errors.

There is a similar technique used by all sorts of writers. If you have written a post for your social networks, email it to yourself before publishing. This way, you are distancing yourself from what you wrote. It enables you to assess it without bias. If listening to your own voice is unbearable, use some software programs.

8. Music

Music fans know its power. Level up your playlist. The right kind of background music helps to:

  • heighten your emotional state
  • reduce anxiety
  • boost retention
  • favor the reception of information

You can listen to classical music, nature sounds, or some background melodies without vocals. Oh, and make sure you also download some meditation music.

9. Meditation

Getting ready for finals is a stressful period. Breathing in and out helps to calm down. Besides, meditation increases self-discipline and improves focus. You will also feel more confident after meditating.

10. Experiments

Do not place a piece of copper in nitric acid. Experiment with your study tactics. The variety of popular methods includes:

  • SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)
  • Flashcards
  • Color-coded notes
  • Mind mapping
  • Keyword mnemonic

We are individuals, so you cannot expect each method to work equally well for you, even if it suits your friend perfectly well. The only way to discover what works for you is to experiment.

Say No To

1. 3D

We are not discouraging you from going to the cinema. 3D is an abbreviation of Dangerously Distracting Devices. Place your phone or any other gadgets that can distract you out of sight. Or turn them off if you can. It is difficult to say whether our digital world is more helpful or distracting.

2. Procrastination

The urge to procrastinate is your worst enemy. This harmful habit stresses you out and leads to worse scores. You should start preparing for your finals on the first day of class. Allow at least a couple of days to recap the material that you have been going through. Life happens, so you can allow some breaks. But make sure that your pauses are not longer than your studying blocks.

3. Chaos

It concerns everything. Your meals – prioritize healthy nutrition. Your studying space – keep it clean. Your schedule – you should be well-organized before your finals. If you stick to a particular schedule the whole year, it will come naturally to you. It is simple: choose blocks of time to study each day. Give yourself a break to reset and dive back in.

4. Cramming

We are talking about cramming in its worst meaning. Memorizing facts without getting to the core and understanding the essence is your worst enemy. Did you know that you can cram effectively? Cram by reading upside down. Read aloud. You are going to focus on what you are actually pronouncing. It is a slow process. But it is better than quick mindless cramming.

The Journey is More Important Than the Destination

Do not see final exams as customized torture. Keep the bigger picture in mind. Grades are important. But systematic knowledge and understanding are crucial. A richer understanding of key concepts is an advantage that requires effort and dedication.

By getting ready for your final exams, you will also:

  • tidy up your room
  • improve your sleeping and nutrition habits
  • spend more time with your friends and fellow students
  • enrich your playlist
  • discover meditation
  • become more open-minded
  • fight procrastination
  • become more organized
  • learn to read upside down

As you see, getting ready for your finals has plenty of advantages, both global and routine ones. So here is what you should do right now. Stop procrastinating. Call your study buddy and invite them to your study-oriented place. Turn on nice background music and switch off your phones. Teach each other using flashcards, highlights, or sample test questions.

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