Tarrytown Becomes Bicycle Friendly

I spent a few days last week visiting with the Downtown Tarrytown merchants delivering flyers about the "Bicycle To Tarrytown" project that the Tarrytown Village and TEAC developed.

imagesMany of the merchants expressed their support of this project. With parking at a premium and preservation of our environment as an important issue, it’s nice to see that our Village is in the forefront at finding alteratives to driving into town.

One note of caution to everyone driving in the Village: Look in your sideview mirror before you make that right hand turn. A bicyclist may be coming up on your right. We will all need to learn to share the road.

Note to Bicyclists: Know the rules of the road. Visit https://www.nysdot.gov/divisions/operating/opdm/local-programs-bureau/biking for NYS Bicycle Rules of the Road.

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