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My love of nature was born while attending an outdoor nursery school near Copenhagen, Denmark. Years later, on my summers off from Marist College, I worked on an organic farm outside of Burlington, Vermont.

Upon graduation, I shifted gears and started working at Stonecrop Gardens, a public garden in Cold Spring, New York. My time at Stonecrop focused my appreciation of nature into a love of plants and gardening. I began to work with a landscape designer installing and maintaining residential gardens in and around Montclair, New Jersey, before eventually striking out on my own. In my design work, I place a strong emphasis on ecologically-conscious practices using native plant species when appropriate. Continued study at the New York Botanical Gardens reinforces my desire to plant gardens for long term success. Even in a well-planned landscape, professional maintenance will keep your garden looking its best. One of my favorite professional challenges is to help homeowners rejuvenate a tired landscape through my attention to the property including careful pruning and thoughtfully chosen additions. A specialty of mine is designing your spring bulb display. Fall is the time to get the bulbs in the ground so you can enjoy them before the perennials break the surface in the warm days of April. For those who want to share in the enjoyment of gardening I will work with you to improve your gardening skills for a true sense of ownership of your property.

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