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Acorn and Oatmeal, Scattered BooksNot all rabbits have the pleasure of living in a bookstore like we do. Not only do we have a chance to read, but we love to share our thoughts on books too, especially this time of year. You must admit that spring is truly OUR time to shine (and hop). Easter is all about the bunny. And what better way to celebrate than with books? 

So let’s start with an all-time favorite – The Velveteen Rabbit. The scruffy once-perfect main character only comes to life when it’s threadbare. It is truly better to have inner beauty and lots of love, since that’s the magic that brings things to life. Speaking of love, Guess How Much I Love You is another favorite. We put a lot of those books into our baby and Easter gift baskets.  

We must admit that we have mixed feelings about Peter Rabbit. He wears cute overallbut he did steal from the garden, which we would never condone. Our humans and store visitors bring us veggies, which makes us very hoppy with no need to resort to larceny 

We also love Bunny’s Book Club because it involves both sneaking into a library and reading.  And we got to meet the author Annie Silvestro at an event! (Disclosure: Annie also let us eat one book cover as an added bonus!) 

Eating books brings us to Hungry Bunny, a story that proves nothing will keep a bun from his food. We love to eat. We eat a lot. We eat all the time. In fact, we are getting quite hungry writing this article.  

We also thoroughly enjoyed Yoga Bunny and even tried out a few of the poses. Bunnies are surprisingly flexible and agile. Our rabbit pal Meatball can jump over 4 feet. He may secretly be a ninja but we’re not sure. He might just be excited for Easter. 

In the end, we think there is a bit of each of these bunny characters in all of us. We love. We hop. We eat. We read. All good stuff for bunnies and humans too. 

You can find all these books – and meet Acorn and Oatmeal – at Scattered Books in Chappaqua. 

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