Time and financial constraints are real issues in our society today. Unfortunately so are the expanding waistlines of Americans. Between work, travel, and chauffeuring kids from one activity to another, who has the time or financial means to stay in shape?


From Top – 1st image: Squat, 2nd and 3rd images: Push Ups, 4th image: Mountain Climbers, 5th image: Planks, 6th and 7th images: Glute Bridges

Fortunately, staying in shape may not be as difficult as it sounds.
The key is to find a cost-effective, quality, and manageable workout program.
Adults 18 and older need 30 minutes of physical activity 5 or more days a week to be healthy. Don’t let time or financial constraints hold you back. If you are unable to dedicate one solid 30 minute block divide your workout up into smaller increments. Here are 5 of my favorite "On-The-Go" exercises you can do anytime, anywhere, involving no equipment — just your body weight.

1. Squat
• Head straight
• Arms out to front
• Feet pointing straight or slightly toed-out
• Feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
• Knees in-line with toes
• Abs and butt tight

2. Push Ups
• Keep back flat and form straight line from head to heels
• Place hands slightly wider than shoulder-width only

3. Mountain Climbers
• Start from pushup position
• Alternating legs, draw knees to chest
• Do reps of 12 – 15 on each leg

4. Planks
• Same position as push-up, elbow on floor
• Tilt pelvis and contract abs
• Hold for 20 – 60 sec.

5. Glute Bridges
• Lie on floor with knees bent
• Lift hips off floor while keeping abs tight, squeezing glutes
• Same position as Glute Bridge, now alternate legs straight out
• Tip: driving heel into floor activates glutes & hamstrings more

Mix it up, have fun, and stay interested. Breathe in fresh air, not stale breath from the guy in spandex on the treadmill next to you. If the heat is too much for you walk early in the morning or after the sun has gone down. Just make sure you get the blood pumping and enjoy yourself, and drink plenty of water.

Sam Patierno is a personal trainer. He can be reached at Samomatic@yahoo.com

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