Black Bears Spotted in Westchester – Wildlife Biologist to Speak at Town Meeting

Photo: Bruce Warrington

Recently, four black bear sightings were reported in Hastings, Scarsdale, Greenburgh (Boulder Ridge) and in White Plains. The sightings occurred within a period of four days. The New York State DEC will not remove bears from our neighborhoods unless they feel they pose a danger to residents. When I spoke to the NYS DEC they mentioned that we can expect more bear sightings in southern & central  Westchester in the future.

Some residents have questions or concerns about black bears. At the Greenburgh Town bioscience webinars on June 24th at 7 PM, Emily Carrollo, a wildlife biologist at the NYS DEC, will speak and answer questions and explain DEC policies.

If you have questions that you would like asked at the meeting  please e mail them to me at If you would like to participate in the meeting (which will be held remotely via zoom), send me an e mail and we will send you a link to the meeting.

After the meeting is over the town of Greenburgh will prepare a you tube video and share it with residents whenever black bear concerns come up.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor


  1. Please follow these guidelines to KEEP BEARS SAFE:
    1. Drive attentively and safely to avoid killing peaceful bears as they cross roads.
    2. Store garbage indoors or in a bear proof container so that bears can not eat human junk food or harmful substances. Don’t throw kleenex, medications, or any human waste in unsecure garbage to avoid transmitting covid 19 to bears.
    3. Read bear body language to respect a bear’s need for space: if a bear makes vocalisations, clacks teeth, or makes a peaceful bluff charge, it is trying to politely ask you to move away. If it stands up, it may be peacefully looking or sniffing to learn about you. Bears in pools, hammocks, or on top of sprinklers are cooling off, playing, or relaxing and are safe.
    4. Don’t report bears that curiously explore the outside of your house because they will peacefully leave when you make your presence known to them.
    5. Don’t approach bears because bears don’t wear masks to protect themselves from acquiring covid 19 from you.
    Thank You for keeping Bears Safe

  2. Yes! Please let’s keep the bears safe! They are a important part of our eco system, they were here first, if you don’t want to live near nature move into the city and let’s try to persevere what nature is left here and possibly take a out these stupid Mc mansions and turn the land back into woods, while helping the planet battle climate change

  3. The Center for Biological Diversity is offering Free Endangered Species Condoms with beautiful art, depicting wildlife species that are endangered. They explain how human over-population growth is causing the 6th Mass Extinction of Biodiversity and how Contraception is the most altruistically effective way to preserve other species, from Polar Bears to Monarch Butterflies. As the human population returns to lower numbers, wildlife will enjoy a reoccupation of human suburbs, and the respectful black bears will enjoy quietly, peacefully denning on land that used to be McMansions with disrespectful lawn mower, leaf blower, and pesticide pollution. Altruism is key to the preservation of other species.

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