An Invitation to an Art Exhibit

Face-to-Face is a dynamic fine art show of works in copper and clay, both on pedestals and on the walls, running from September 16th through October 6th, 2007 at the Secrets Fine Arts Gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson.

Cici Artist and Lily Schor, two Renaissance women, whose work varies in medium (copper vs. clay) and styles (linear vs. sculptural) paired their work to come face-to-face at the Secrets Fine Arts Gallery. What makes them Renaissance women is their foundation in science which eventually led them to their art. Lily Schor’s interest in faces stem from her 15 years as a Forensic Social Worker in the NY prison system, "remembering the expressions of my clients as they told their stories." In another view, Cici Artist’s faces emerge from her transformation from years as an applied mathematician into a full-time artist. "Transforming my life from the office to the studio, I became conscious of the many faces/masks I have worn and the many that I see."

While Lily Schor sculpts her work from slabs of clay, Cici Artist cuts into sheets of copper (and bronze). Lily’s faces are completed by the Raku, an exciting clay firing process borrowed from the Japanese, while Cici’s masks/faces conclude with patinas on metal. Although the two artists’ faces vary in methods and materials, when their work comes together at the Secrets Gallery there is a fabulous spirit of the nature of the face that takes over the Gallery.

All are invited to the Artists Opening at the Secrets Fine Arts Gallery at 32 Main Street in Hastings-on-Hudson, Sunday, September 16 from 2-5:30 pm. For more information visit the gallery website at or call (914) 478-2101.

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