5 Secretive Ways to Workout on the Job

I’ve done the 9 – 5 desk job thing for too many years and I clearly remember the days when I would be curled up at my desk working (surfing) away and after the day was over I realized I had been in my chair all day long, hardly a moment spent on my feet except to get lunch, which I would eat at my desk usually. Not healthy living.

Now as a trainer, I realize all my missed opportunities to get in some exercises throughout the day, and easily so.

Here is my list of ways you can fit in a few exercises during the day while being at the office. (Workout clothes and shoes not required.)

1 – The Coffee Break – In the morning, most likely you head to the office kitchen for your morning cup of whatever, coffee/tea/mountain dew, chit-chat a bit and head right back to your desk to begin your day. Well, instead of heading right back to your office/cube/desk/cell, do one quick loop around the office as fast as you can without running. First of all, it makes you look super important in that you either have urgent business to attend to, or you have some serious office gossip to divulge. Either way you look important and no one realizes you’re trying to raise your heart rate before you sit down at your desk.

2 – The “Smoke” Break – With the era of the Mad Men and the 60’s office lifestyle mentality long behind us, smokers now have to go outside, and usually about 20 feet away from the building’s perimeter, to light up. Bad for them, but god for you. They’re the true pioneer’s of working in as many breaks as possible in any given day, so follow their lead and every two hours get up, walk down the hallway, down the stairs and out of the building. And instead of just standing there sucking in second hand smoke, walk the perimeter of the building and then go back upstairs, taking the steps.

3 – The Xerox Raise – While waiting for your copies to print, take a few moments and do some calf raises while at the machine. It’s less obvious than doing jumping jacks but still quite effective at working those calf muscles. (Ladies may want to discreetly take the high heels off when performing these so you can get more out of the movement.)

4 – The Squeeze – That’s right, the butt squeeze. This is good for the glutes and since you can do this while sitting at your desk, no one has to know you’re doing it. (They just may think you’re constipated or holding in gas, to which they are grateful for I’m sure, so no harm.) Squeeze your glutes together, hold for 1 count and release, it’s that simple and you can do it all day long while sitting.

5 – The Afternoon Sugar Rush – Don’t you dare head over to that vending machine for your 4:00 sugar rush. Instead, walk over to the kitchen, right past the Sugar Machine and fill up with a glass of water. Many times you may think you’re hungry and need a little something something, but in actuality you’re dehydrated. Always keep your glass half full and you’ll feel refreshed and hydrated all day long, no sugar necessary.

Try these 5 easy ways to incorporate more fitness into your workday, this way you won’t have to do so much making up when you do hit the gym afterwards!

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