Op-Ed: Charging Forward With EVs in the Rivertowns

Charging station by the Mario Cuomo Bridge.

Electric Vehicles have become way more popular in The Rivertowns. People appreciate the climate benefits and all the dollars saved from eliminating fuel costs for their cars. Yes, the electricity required to power electric vehicles costs money too. However, the costs to power an EV are only around one-fifth of the costs of driving a gas-powered car.

Recognizing there are many more EVs on the road and lots of people are considering purchasing or leasing an Electric Vehicle for the first time, here are some helpful tips to save money on EV charging.

First, take advantage of a program sponsored by Con Edison called Smart Charge New York. It provides a $150 sign-up bonus and offers ongoing incentives to reward charging during off-peak hours. The program requires EV drivers to install a device that tracks driving and charging usage, but it will be a worthwhile tradeoff since the Smart Charge program can provide hundreds of dollars in cash-back bonuses throughout the year.

Next is installing a residential charger, which provides great convenience. Dois Electrical is a young electrical firm you can trust for electrical installations. Residential chargers should cost between $500 and $700, plus electrical costs. A 30% federal tax credit that is available for combined EV charging equipment & installation costs (up to $1,000) helps to lower residential EV charger costs. Experts can provide home charger installation for your electric car in Walpole, MA and nearby areas. While an electrical emergency may happen, it’s always good to have some experts from a good company like electrician Allen, TX that are 100% here for you during that time!

The Rivertowns have more public charging options than other areas of Westchester. That includes free chargers in the parking lot of the Mario Cuomo Bridge. Tip, the ability to charge your car while taking a stroll or bike ride on the pedestrian path makes the path even more enjoyable.

For Tesla drivers, there are now a few Tesla Supercharger stations in the area. Including the Supercharger Station beside the Sheraton in Tarrytown, which has been up and running for a few years. Additionally, there are also two newer Supercharger Stations in the area. The first one is in The Arcadian Shopping Center in Ossining, and the Supercharger Station beside Mom’s Market in Dobbs Ferry is the newest one.

The fear of not finding a charger has prevented many people from switching to electric vehicles. Rest assured, it is quickly becoming easier to find EV chargers, especially in The Rivertowns. Aside from charging stations, everyone must not forget the importance of car insurance. It is essential to talk to a professional to discuss insurance for electric vehicles.

Stuart Rodnick is a consultant for Westchester Clean Energy.


  1. Good story — thanks. I’ve driven an EV for 3.5 years and love it. BTW, the charger in Mom’s parking lot isn’t a Tesla Supercharger — rather a standard fast charger that about any EV can use. Glad to see the new Tesla chargers next door — and there are more in a Ridge Hill parking garage.

      1. Todd, there are Tesla Superchargers in the Mom’s parking lot in addition to the (2) Level-2 chargers you mention now—the tesla ones just opened a few weeks ago

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