Letter to the Editor:  Methuselah on the Hudson

Wheelabrator plant sits on the Hudson River in Peekskill.

Peekskill Wheelabrator Incinerator, you’re over the hill. Or maybe I should call you Resco, or Win-Waste – you’ve had all these names in your long life. I’m sorry I don’t have warmer words to commemorate your fortieth birthday, but the truth has to be faced, including by the Westchester County government and residents.

Forty may be the prime of life for humans, but for incinerators, it’s decidedly geriatric. The median age for your cohorts is twenty-six. You should celebrate by retiring. You have been doing damage to Westchester County, and especially to your Peekskill neighbors, for a long time with your air pollution, which is worse than a coal-burning plant.

By continuing to operate, you now pose another threat: We all know that with old age comes increased risk of bodily malfunctions and eventual death. What if you suddenly develop a serious problem and must shut down unexpectedly? What will Westchester do with its trash? No, it would be preferable for you to announce your retirement early enough for the County to develop a Zero Waste plan and begin its implementation.

Happy 40th birthday, Wheelabrator Incinerator. May you be offline soon, and may we all be breathing easier!

Terry Kardos
Member, Westchester Alliance for Sustainable Solutions (WASS)
Cortlandt Manor

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