Letter to the Editor – Primary Election Registration

To the Editor:

While Election Day seems far off, there are primary elections coming up much sooner. Voting in a primary election is your opportunity to help select your party’s candidate for the general election on November 3.

In New York State there are two primary dates: April 28 is the Presidential primary.

June 23 is the primary for Congress and the New York State Assembly and Senate.

If you need to register to vote, you can download and print a voter registration form at elections.ny.gov. You must also use the same form in order to change your party affiliation or your address.

Here are the deadlines:

New voters must register by April 3 to vote in the Presidential primary, and by May 29 in order to vote in the Congressional and NY State primary.

To change your party affiliation the deadline is February 14 for both primaries.

To change your address, the deadline is April 8 for the Presidential primary and June 3 for the Congressional and NY State primary.

Your vote is your voice. Make it count!

Celeste Theis
Croton on Hudson, NY

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