Letter to the Editor: Mangiamele and Crossling for Ossining Board of Ed

Christine Mangiamele

This year, Ossining has an unusually full slate of candidates for the Board of Education election. Based on the recent debate, their public statements and personal conversations I’ve had with them, and my past experience as a school Trustee, for me there are two who stand out. Although they are not running as a team, I believe they will bring complementary strengths and skills that will most benefit the school district and its community at this particular time.

Christine Mangiamele first caught my attention because she is an educator, with a Masters in Music Education. The perspective of a teacher with experience as an in-school advocate for students is one that the Board has not had for several years. The value of that viewpoint is tremendously important, especially going into the next year, with the reopening of the schools full time. In talking with her I’ve found her to be intelligent, thoughtful, fair-minded, and ready to  listen and collaborate, which are critical qualities for sitting at that table.  I think her perspective and experience in schools is unique among candidates and I am eager to see her join the board.

Katherin Crossling

Katherin Crossling is running for her second term on the Board and more that deserves your vote. She has shown over the past three years that she is more than willing to do the hard work that is called for. As a lawyer, she brings a critical eye to every discussion, she has shown in her volunteer work in the schools that she has a personal dedication to all students, and she was a powerful voice advocating for fair funding with the state that finally, this year, bore fruit and resulted in the first-in-memory zero percent tax increase. Board service is complicated and experience counts for a great deal. We need Katherin to continue doing the work for our school community.

Please join me in electing Crossling and  Mangiamele on Tuesday, May 18.

Steve Wardwell

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