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To the Editor:

I am writing to correct a misstatement in the article “Spotlight on Squint Optometry” published in your Fall Issue 2013 and to clarify what was said to the River Journal interviewer for our patients and colleagues.

Squint carries a wide range of eyeglass frames. Our collection includes a variety of materials, colors, shapes and price points. When a patient is looking at frames, there are many factors which are considered when making a recommendation. These include the prescription, the fit of the frame, the intended function of the frame, the shape of the patient’s face and any stated preferences. I told the interviewer that we strive to give honest feedback about the fit and appropriateness of a frame selection.

When I discussed the importance of finding the right frame, the interviewer offered that she “got” it – that it wasn’t about how much money was spent in our practice but rather about finding the right fitting frame. While that summary wasn’t precisely what was said, there was nothing objectionable in it. That is, until my remarks were portrayed as comparative.  At no point did I compare my honesty to the honesty of other optometrists, nor would I ever do so.  I was very troubled to see that the author made such a reference and I apologize to anyone who may have attributed that to me.
Dr. Debra Bernstein
Squint Optometry, Irvington

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