Letter to the Editor: George Pappas Seeks Seat on Cortlandt Town Board

George Pappas

I am seeking the Republican and Conservative lines in the Nov. 7 election for a seat on the Cortlandt Town Board.

I was born, and raised, in the Bronx and moved to Cortlandt Manor in 1999. I am happily married to my loving wife Susan, and we have three wonderful children that all graduated from the Lakeland School District. They all went on to obtain their college degrees. I have been employed by the same IT company for the past 28 years, so I believe in loyalty and stability. My current position at my company is Vice President of Sales, and my years of corporate expertise will be valuable in my role once elected to the Town Board.

In our 24 years in Cortlandt, Susan and I both volunteered our time focusing on our children’s sports. I coached in the Cortlandt American Little League for 12 years while Susan coached 5 years in the town’s recreation soccer league. Our commitment was to encourage, and develop, not only our children, but all the children that played in those leagues.

I’ve always been interested in our local town government but have become even more interested in recent years, while working with the current administration, on an issue my neighbors and I have been dealing with for many years in the northern section of Cortlandt, an area known as Wallace Pond. This issue persists and makes me realize we need a change in this town to really get things done.

In addition, I have taken the time to speak with my fellow residents, and many feel our local government tends to focus on specific areas of Cortlandt while neglecting other areas. Bumpy roads, overgrown foliage, speedsters, petty thefts from cars, etc… these are some of the issues that have been mentioned. Another fear is overdevelopment in our town. We do not have the resources, and infrastructure, to support this development. Many moved to Cortlandt to get away from overcrowding and they do not want that happening here!

We need a commonsense approach to governing and I can help bring that to the Town. All the issues mentioned earlier need to be looked at in an equitable way for all our residents. These aren’t political issues but local issues that we all care about. Our residents want to keep their families happy, and safe, in our beautiful community.

A vote for me will bring that commonsense view for ALL our residents!

George Pappas
Cortlandt Manor
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  1. Do you believe that Joe Biden is our fairly elected president? Do you think the republican party should hold up appointees and chase indictments instead of keeping our government functioning?

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