Tarrytown Author Challenges Readers to Remember the 80s

Tarrytown author Tim Tyrrell’s latest book is 80s Pop Quiz. Contributed photo

If you remember Pac-Man, Cabbage Patch dolls, MTV, Sasson jeans, and who shot J.R. (and can do it without Google), a new trivia book about the “Decade of Decadence” may be right up your street. 

Tarrytown author and broadcaster Tim Tyrrell has released 80s Pop Quiz, which challenges readers to answer trivia questions covering television shows, movies, video games, music, and pop culture from the 1980s. 

Tyrrell, 53, has worked in radio on WNEW-FM, Mix 105, WMXV and The Buzz, and hosts a streaming show called Pop Across the Pond. He has also been an actor appearing in small roles in movies, TV shows, and commercials. 

He grew up in the 1980s and said, “I just love the craziness of the time, the music, the fashion, the decade had it all.” Tyrrell adds: “I was busy DJing in clubs in the middle of the night in New York City in places I wasn’t even old enough to be in, I got to experience it firsthand.”  

In 2018, Tyrrell released The Name Dropper, a memoir about interviewing and working with celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Celine Dion and George Michael. His 2020 book, The Oliver Factor, was a playful look at some of the most ridiculed characters from popular TV shows. 

Here’s a few of the trivia questions listed in 80s Pop Quiz, which is available in a softcover print version and electronic download from Amazon:  

  1. Who was the original actor who played Marty McFly in Back To The Future but was let go, forcing the movie studio to reshoot many scenes with new star Michael J. Fox?
  2. What 1980s TV series featured brothers Larry, Daryl and Daryl?
  3. In 1984, the first movie in the United States was released with a rating of PG-13.  What was that movie?
  4. Which fast food restaurant’s TV commercials asked the question “Where’s the Beef?”
  5. George O’Dowd is better known by what stage name?


  1. Eric Stoltz 
  1. Newhart  
  1. Red Dawn 
  1. Wendy’s  
  1. Boy George 

Source: 80s Pop Quiz by Tim Tyrrell. 

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