Meet Tarrytown Hall’s Lisa Kaplewicz

Lisa Kaplewicz of Tarrytown Hall Care CenterOne of the nicest attributes of Tarrytown Hall is their nursing staff.  When you hire people who love what they do and put the care & attention into doing it…you make a difference for patients, staff and family members whom they come in contact with. You also build a reputation as a facility with great attention to patient care. One such individual that Tarrytown Hall calls their own, is their Corporate Director of Nursing, Lisa Kaplewicz.

Growing up in the small town of Oswego, New York,  Lisa always wanted to be a nurse.

She nursed all her dolls, teddy bears, pets and even her brothers and sister, when she was able to corner them to play with her. Nursing was a natural choice for Lisa. Throughout her childhood, her grandmother (who was a nurse) often spoke of her experiences, trials and tribulations of her day.  This influence, from someone she regarded so highly, helped Lisa decide to follow this path to nursing to give to others the same caring support and attention that her grandmother gave to so many daily.

From  early childhood, Lisa’s parents not only modeled the values of hard work, honesty, respect and accountability, but they instilled in her kindness, generosity, faith and sense of responsibility. All these values are very near and dear to Lisa, and a big part of her success is based on these attributes.

Lisa attended Niagara University where she received her BSN  and Masters in Nursing. After graduation, Lisa and her husband, James, moved to Tarrytown and became employed at Tarrytown Hall Care Center.

She started her employment as a nursing supervisor & was later promoted to Assistant Director of Nursing, and later Director of Nursing. Lisa and her husband chose Tarrytown as their home  because they loved the quaint feeling of the Village, which brought up memories of the small town she grew up in.  She loves Tarrytown as a community where you really “know your neighbors,” and believes it is a community you can feel part of.

Her experience as a nurse at Tarrytown Hall Care Center has been very rewarding. The most gratifying part has been the opportunity to work so closely and for so long with a group of such talented and dedicated
people. People who work in skilled nursing facilities tend to be passionate, incredibly hardworking, and deeply committed to making a difference. This shared passion and commitment has been one of the most gratifying experiences and continues to help  keep her going.

After having her son, Trevor (now 4) and when pregnant with her daughter, she decided to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner. Eight months after the birth of her daughter, Isabella, she obtained her Doctorate as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. Her journey as a nurse has led her to opportunities that she could never have imagined when she began nursing school  14 years ago.
Lisa finds her job interesting, challenging & fun. She is so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with true professionals and, most importantly, for the opportunity to positively affect the lives of residents and their families in Westchester County.


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