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Kosmos Bookshop, Independent Book store in Tarrytown NYSeveral weekends ago, a friend and fellow Tarrytowner, introduced me to a new bookstore in the heart of our own Village. I have been wishing for an independent bookstore in Tarrytown for years, and now my wish has finally come true. Kosmos Book Shop is a charming little nook of a bookstore located on Central Avenue, just north of Main Street and just west of Broadway/Route 9.

The shop is aesthetically pleasing and carries well-curated and difficult to find gently used books, mostly new children’s books, as well as vintage and rare books. The owner, Jos, also lives in Tarrytown. He was especially helpful in answering all our questions, and allowed us to browse at our leisure without feeling the least bit uncomfortable – a key ingredient to an enjoyable bookstore experience.

I was impressed to find a large and diverse collection of South Asian and immigrant- themed  titles. For instance, I saw an English translation of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, and a range of Vikram Seth, Zadie Smith, and Salman Rushdie novels. In a recent online search, I also discovered that Kosmos is selling “The Vigil,” a vintage Indian novel translated from Bengali, in addition to a copy of the Buddhist text, the White Lotus Sutra. I have yet to find such extensive South Asian selections anywhere else in Westchester County.

Kosmos carries a wide-ranging collection of other themes and genres ranging from vintage science fiction books, Anton Chekhov plays, and writings by feminist forerunner, Kate Chopin. Turning to non-fiction, there is a fairly well-stocked art section. Other non-fiction subjects like history, politics, sociology, and psychology are still a work in progress. Kosmos also has a fun and cute children’s section which amuses the little people while their parents browse the adult section. Prices for the used books are reasonable and competitive.

Jos’ art school background is evident in his shop. The crisp red lines of the interior and mix of mid-century modern and antique-style furniture invited me to linger and peruse books.

The owner currently has no recommendations for readers, but he welcomed recommendations by locals, so please find my list below (in no particular order).

1)    White Teeth by Zadie Smith
2)    A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth
3)    Outliers by Malcom Gladwell
4)    1984 by George Orwell
5)    Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle With India by Joseph Lelyveld

Look for these titles the next time you visit Kosmos Book Shop, your local indie book dealer!

[blockquote class=blue]Ms. Patel has resided in Tarrytown since 2002. She was formerly an attorney with the Pace Women’s Justice Center in Westchester County; she now practices immigration law at a non-profit organization in New York City. [/blockquote]

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