Forward Looking — What’s Up and Down in Tarrytown

Michael Blau, Tarrytown’s former and current Administrator, was asked in a recent interview how it feels to be back at his old stand as Village Administrator.


L to R: Village Treasurer Jim Hart, Administrator Mike Blau, and Recreation Director Joe Arduino

His answer was very direct: "It feels great! There is never a moment that something isn’t moving forward or changing." The purpose of the interview was to learn his point of view about the immediate future for various projects facing the Village as his time in office expands.

He began with what he called Phase I of the Riverfront Project. He pointed first to what he called "shoreline stabilization" which includes a term that River Journal and few others will have ever heard before — "rip rap" removal. "Rip rap," for the uninitiated, means all of the old siding, primarily concrete, that separates the river from the land. Blau further pointed out that this older material would be replaced with an updated "filter fabric" which will keep riverwater from invading the new land area. Next, he called attention to the project known as the Riverwalk which lines the river adjoining the Hudson Harbor area for a distance of 1700 ft. This is a project funded by the Village, Scenic Hudson, the County and the Federal government which will provide a public walkway linking newly improved land and the river.

Phase II will include Village improvements such as a Kayak pier and a fishing pier. Funding from the State for this and related projects now totals $2.3 million dollars, but its final disposition has not been exactly determined. Phase III has similarly not been planned to finality, but will include the relocation of the basketball and tennis courts. Along similar lines, the development and the operation of a new Aquatic Center, to be built by developer Joseph Cotter, is currently planned. Included also, said Blau, will be a five and ten-year capital plan for the Village.

While all this is going on, Blau will continue the oversight of the Village Masterplan, and he plans to develop Village-wide policy and procedures to guide the Village as it moves forward. Also interviewed for this look-at-the-future was Village Engineer Mike McGarvey, Treasurer Jim Hart and Recreation Director Joe Arduino.

McGarvey responded to the question of what’s coming up in the near future by saying that their major project is the repair of the Village water system. Water distribution is key and the old pipes are systematically being replaced, particularly with regard to breaks that have occurred during the winter months. Hart looks forward to the completion of the new waterfront developments to add additional and needed volume to the tax rolls. Arduino is looking forward to the completion of the new aquatic center which will significantly enhance the swimming opportunities for the Village. Arduino also looks forward to the public reception of the new Riverwalk.

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