Fitting a New House to its Neighborhood

Article X of the Village of Tarrytown Zoning Code, is a new addition to help keep Tarrytown from being overwhelmed by the relatively new practice of tearing down houses and replacing them on the same lot with a larger home or building large additions to existing houses.

That change was proposed on Monday, October 1, and was passed by the Board of Trustees.

According to the new Code amendment’s “Purpose and Applicability” section, the new changes “will establish a maximum floor area ratio (FAR) for all single family homes in both single family and multifamily residence districts within the Village.” “It is the intent of this article to encourage both new houses and expansions or alterations to existing houses to have a compatible scale with nearby residences on both sides of the street.” “The FAR provisions are intended to be applied together with the other provisions of the Village Code, including the provisions for lot coverage.”

In yet another key building Code change, an addition will be included in the Village Code that will deal with runoff water, as new knockdown and rebuild melbourne homes continue to fill in empty neighborhoods or lots. The Code reference addresses the problem of creating “impervious surfaces,” like cement or asphalt which instantly blocks proper drainage.

In the Village, “crowding” issues will continue to arise and touch almost every property, parking lot, road and home. New pressures will be put on finite land areas and many are concerned that the last niche for expansion will ultimately be “used up.”

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