Round and Round on the Roundabout

From the Village of Ossining, February 27th:

Last week we got an update from engineers on the roundabout project. Another significant discussion that evening was related to proposed code revisions and adoptions that will streamline and strengthen the Village’s enforcement efforts, better aligning them with NYS codes. One of the most reassuring pieces of news regarding the roundabout was that construction will not shut down the intersection. Ensuring that customers are still able to access our local businesses is essential as we celebrate the growing vibrancy of our downtown.

The area of the design that prompts the most questions is Market Square. An artist rendering was created in order to move forward the SEQRA process, and it does offer some sense of what we’ll have to consider in this area when construction is completed in September.

How do we maximize use of the land in the heart of our downtown? If our priorities include both adequate parking during busy weekdays, and public gathering space on evenings and weekends, this is a good starting point for conversation. A couple of new potential seating areas are created nearby—one at the Main Street Deli corner, and the other at the northeast corner of Market Square.

If we calculate the number of hours each year that the public gathers in Market Square for programs like the tree lighting, festivals and the recent vigil, that amount is quite low, and they all occur on evenings and weekends. The Farmers Market is held in the existing parking lot. By expanding this flexible land use practice, we are more optimally utilizing open space in our downtown. One of the unique elements of Market Square currently is the display of tile mosaic panels created by community members in the late 1990s.

From the Ossining Chamber of Commerce, March 6th:

Congratulations to all for a cohesive effort toward reaching our “magic” number!

This process has been an intoxicating reminder of the democracy we sometimes take for granted and the powerful impact we can have on each other and our community when we work together. Maintaining focus, ignoring and refraining from negative banter, and maximizing each and every opportunity to harvest signatures these past few weeks was key to the success of our efforts. The Chamber of Commerce will continue to provide updates. Please feel free to call the Chamber office with any questions at 914.941.0009.

The Village of Ossining Regarding Referendum Petition, March 8th:

The Village Clerk has rejected the Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce’s petition for a public referendum related to Resolution Q, adopted February 1, 2017.  That said, today’s Village Work Session will now take place at Birdsall-Fagan Police Court Facility at 86-88 Spring Street.  We anticipate a larger than usual attendance, and would like to provide more space for seating.  While this is still a Work Session, we will invite questions from the public regarding the petition process.

From the Ossining Chamber of Commerce Regarding Submitted Petition, March 10th:

At Wednesday’s Village Board of Trustees (March 8th) meeting regarding Proposition Q and the Roundabout project. The Village Board decided to table the Roundabout for now and open discussion with a task force to discuss the Development of Downtown Ossining.

Thank you to all who worked so hard to help collect 2703 petition signatures. Although many were deemed invalid by the Village Clerk (which we continue to question) due to technicalities, the fact still remains that over 2000 Village residents became engaged and were heard!

This was no easy task, and we urge our businesses and the community to remain active and informed as the promise of mutual planning unfolds.

The Village of Ossining Regarding the Future of the Roundabout, March 13th:

If possible, on Wednesday (March 15th) we will pick up on addressing the next steps for the future of our downtown. Wondering how things went at the work session that took place just hours after the release of the clerk’s letter rejecting the petitions? Corporation Counsel is looking into a legal path for the recently indicated change in direction regarding the roundabout. Meanwhile, we are preparing to schedule an initial meeting to establish a path forward as we reimagine a plan for the future. Perhaps the tremendous attention currently focused on the heart of our downtown will make this renewed effort more constructive and engaging than ever.

To be continued…


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