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Julia Harris Wexler Executive Career CoachJulia Harris Wexler is an Executive Career Coach.  She helps professionals at all levels to move forward in their careers.  From very senior executives who are stuck and need to get to the next level or those who are simply considering a career shift; to college graduates who cannot land that first job.  She also helps professionals trying to re-enter the work force after a voluntary hiatus or a lay off.  “Economic times are tough now, and professionals at every level need someone to help them to remain competitive and stay on their game.”

Consider this: most top performers have a coach to reach their maximum potential: athletes, CEO’s, public speakers, etc. How many parents hire a private coach to help their child reach the next level in sports or insist on the top teachers? The right coaching makes a pivotal difference in reaching human potential.  “My clients stretch to great heights with the right blend of support – expertise – and accountability.”

Julia is a Columbia University Certified Executive Coach.  Additionally, she has an MA in Psychology and PhD training in Organizational Leadership.  She was a Partner for two decades with the leading Wall Street Executive Search firm. She advised senior management on how to assess and motivate their top talent. She advised candidates on how to nail an interview. She brings that insider’s perspective to her coaching.

Her expertise spans from skill assessment to interview skills, resume overhaul, mid-career shifts and career re-entry.

As Julia describes her work: “Doing what you love should not feel like work.  We spend too many waking hours there to feel negative.  It permeates all other areas of our lives.”  Clients who are bored, stuck or unfulfilled at work are amazed at how quickly they begin to feel energized and reinvigorated.

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