Letter to the Editor: Lawler Votes in Lockstep with MAGAs

U.S. Rep. Mike Lawler of 17th Congressional District

On December 13 Representative  Lawler and 16 other House Republicans from Biden-won districts voted alongside the most far-right members of the Republican Party to open a baseless MAGA impeachment inquiry for President Biden.

After scouring over Biden’s records for months, Republicans still have no evidence of any wrongdoing. They’ve admitted it! But they’re moving ahead with an inquiry anyway because this is a political stunt designed to damage Biden and satisfy Trump’s desire for revenge.
Instead of addressing corporate price gouging, housing prices, community safety, or any number of issues that would help working people, these 17 Republicans are forcing Congress to waste time on debunked rightwing conspiracy theories.
They’re putting Trump and his MAGA base before their own constituents.  When it is time to vote, hold Lawler and 16 other Republicans accountable for this phony impeachment process. In the meantime call Representative Lawler’s office at (202) 225-6506 and tell him to stop the smooth talk at home and stop voting lockstep with radical Mega Republicans in Washington.
Marilyn Elie
Cortlandt Manor


  1. Sadly, Congressman Lawler has joined the same club as Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Clay Higgins, and other far right ideologues and conspiracy theorists who are constantly tearing our country down, betraying allies like Israel and Ukraine, and refusing to support any legislation that would help America, lest it might be seen as a “win” for the president. You’re known by the company you keep. Is a Congressional seat worth selling your soul?

  2. I have often called Congressman Lawler’s office urging him to follow his more “moderate” instincts. Though I told him I had not voted for him I also told him I was pleased he did not restate the nonsense that Trump had “won” the election. I told him that his constituents would like to see him declare independence from the MAGA wing of his party.

    It is pretty discouraging to call over and over again and have a very nice aide take my message but later I discover over and over again that no matter how nicely I plead with him to “do the right thing” so far he hasn’t.

    I guess I was right not to vote for him in the first place. Michael Meeropol, Cold Spring

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