My Sherry &more, Inc.

If you haven’t visited the liquor store at the corner of Pleasantville Road and North State Road recently, put it on your bucket list right away.  Owner, Judy Brazong, has transformed the dusty old space into a sparkling good time for all.

With the assistance of family members, the shop is open Tuesday through Sunday, featuring Single Malts whiskies, specialty ryes and bourbons, and rums from nearly every island in the Caribbean.  The man of the shop is John Richards.  John is to liquor what a sommelier is to wines.  His passion for spirits makes My Sherry &more, Inc. a haven for whisky enthusiasts.  He is continually seeking out new and unique products from artisanal and craft distillers all over the world, making each visit to the store an ever-changing experience.  “Look what came in this week!”

Judy is a broadcast business manager, working on campaigns for Diageo, such as Jose Cuervo, Smirnoff and Bailey’s, at J.Walter Thompson and Constellation Wines, Hangar One, and Bacardi through Bullet Productions, Inc.  The affiliation with Constellation Wines brought a tasting to the store for the launch of their new California blend, Primal Roots during Briarcliff Manor’s Harvest Festival this October.  The event was a total blast and a huge success for the brand.

As of this writing, a tasting of Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum took place on Saturday, November 5th.  Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, created this amazing recipe infused with tropical flavors along with a rich gold color.  My Sherry &more, Inc. launched a radio campaign prior to reach Bob Marley fans and rum drinkers alike.  On December 1st a tasting for Brooklyn Republic Vodka has been scheduled.  This will be another “Don’t Miss” event!

My Sherry &more, Inc. is also serving as a complement to the Village’s renowned gift shop, Holbrook Cottage.  Briarcliff’s answer to Martha Stewart, Sue Taub, has teamed up with Judy for pairing events hosted in her store.  They are but footsteps away when the right bottle of wine is needed in one of Holbrook’s festive gift baskets.

So the next time you’re looking for that special gift, great scotch or just your bottle of wine with dinner, stop by My Sherry &more, Inc., located at 1245 Pleasantville Road, where they’re passionate about grapes and grains! (914) 941-1536.


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