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Okay, so you own or are thinking about buying some of the latest and greatest audio visual equipment that the industry can provide. Or, you already own equipment that is within your price comfort range. Regardless, you are a tad confused by the simple fact that no one can explain how to maximize your television, cable box, Blu-ray/dvd player, stereo receiver, etc., etc. The remote or remotes that you pick up with both hands offer you over 80 button-pushing choices. Trouble is what happens or does not happen when you push them?  So you say, I’ll read the manual. Good luck. The lack of standardization within the industry, where the same feature can be called by three different names, defines the words confusion and frustration.

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Luckily, there are sound engineers that can install audiovisual equipment in your property and help simplify the controls for you.
All is not lost, however. After a lengthy conversation with Richard Zuckerman at Briarcliff’s Enveloping Sound on North State Road, clarity prevailed. Zuckerman is the owner of the recently opened showroom that provides not only a wide range of audiovisual products, but more importantly, provides the know-how to maximize people’s listening and viewing experiences. Zuckerman, for the past three decades, has worked in the Information Technology( IT) field and his customers have included the NYC Transit Authority, Starbucks, Stride Rite and Au Bon Pain to name a few. He customized programs for his clients that allowed data transport to be sent and received at all the locations these corporations maintained. In short he created a network that tied everything electronic together.

“With the speed of the electronic industry and the rate at which new products are released many of them are not “fully baked” and buyers can expect uncertainty and aggravation,” he said. “The equipment of today has microprocessors that cannot be touched or worked on. These devices can lock up like a computer,” he added.  “A typical remote control unit can access 12 different sources and the challenge that we find is to help our clients understand the value of a professional control system,” Zuckerman said. That control system comes in the form of an easy to read touch screen remote that ties all the audiovisual equipment together. Hence, the “Just Push Play” concept.

The components that Enveloping Sound displays vary in price range with many being very affordable. They are the factory authorized representatives of Paradigm speakers which Zuckerman says produce a high end sound coupled with a modest price point. Bose speakers along with Denon and Marantz are additional audio components found at Enveloping Sound. The showroom displays Salamander designs to house audio visual equipment in remarkably stylish furniture that is designed to diffuse heat and hide the wiring for a very pleasing and aesthetic look. Enveloping Sound also distributes and installs Sonos which is a wireless music distribution system.

“We welcome people stopping by our showroom with questions or calling us regarding any problems they may be experiencing with their home entertainment systems. They can also call to talk about what they should be considering when buying a new system. We can also visit them in their homes to get a better idea of their needs,” Zuckerman said.

In a day and age of remarkable electronic product advances and the not-so-remarkable problems they present, Enveloping Sound  is music to one’s ears.

Call them at 914-502-0800 or visit their showroom at 515 North State Road in Briarcliff Manor.

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