In Briarcliff…Replanning For Future Development

Responding to changes and competing economic variables in Briarcliff Manor, Mayor Lori Sullivan and the Board of Trustees established a Village Comprehensive Plan B (Corporate Business) Zone Advisory Committee early this January.

The Committee is comprised of five citizens with Trustee Mark Wilson as Trustee liaison. Steve Vescio, Planning Board Chairman, heads this special committee. With Village staff and outside consultants, the role of theThe former Phillips Laboratory. Approximately 94.5 acres including 30 acres of steep slopes. Ridgewood Associates have an option to purchase the property. The land is oriented to homes. Entrances off of Scarborough and Holbrook Roads. committee is to review and make recommendations for future development regarding the four primary properties within the “B Zone”: three of the properties are closed and vacant.  The three empty properties in particular have had active interest by investors for potential use fully outside of the existing “corporate business” definitions and permitted uses.

Westchester, as a corporate headquarters center, is in a state of flux, and adaptive re-uses of large parcels has attracted investors with vastly different ideas on future uses.  Briarcliff Manor is looking to incorporate that changing investor interest locally for potential 600 North Broadway. Former computer center for American Airlines. Current owner is the Sony Corporation. The property is 8-10 acres.redevelopment.  Representative of enhanced interest in living in Briarcliff Manor is the fact that new housing complexes are the primary focus.

The Mearl Corporation. 15 acres with between 6-7 acres of land not suitable for building.

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