Briarcliff Village Manager’s Advisory – End of Day Update, March 13th

The most recent weather update and conference call with the Weather Bureau, Westchester County Municipalities and Con Edison indicates a worsening of weather conditions for tomorrow. Obviously subject to change, I wish to report that as of our 2:00 PM briefing today the following should be expected for Tuesday, 14 March:

2:00 AM: light snow arrives; which slides to 4:00 – 10:00 AM where heavy snow hits at a rate of up to 2”/hour; and then eases to a 2:00 PM – evening tapering to light snow: temperature highpoint may reach 30 degrees.

There are also distinct changes to my original early thoughts:

· The rain/snow ratio (how much 1 inch of rain creates how many inches of snow) is expected to be higher.  Normally this time of year brings a heavier snow in the 1” rain to 8-10” of snow range. Forecasters are expecting lower temperatures making the conversion of 1” of rain to more like 10-12+” of snow.

· We now expect “snow banding” … areas of snow in heavier “bands” coming in storm swaths over bursts of time.  Because the storm appears to be aimed at the Connecticut coast line, southern Westchester is expected to have higher winds: 25-45 mph for periods of time: some short gusts between 45-60 mph.  For Briarcliff Manor, expect lower wind speeds unless the storm tracks more north.

· We are in a new Full Moon phase but shore line surges on the Hudson should be minimal.

Power Outages.  Again, as repeated to  you over the years, if you have a power outage, please report it DIRECTLY to Con Ed at 1-800-75 CONED (26633).  Be sure to take an “incident number” essentially tagging your problem.  If you can, forward your “number” to the VBM PD at 941-2130 and e-mail me at

REPEATING my earlier ALERT …

No Tuesday Garbage Pick-Up.  Your Tuesday garbage will be picked up on Wednesday.

No Wednesday Re-Cycling.  Your re-cycling will be picked-up on Thursday.

Scarborough Railroad Station:  Absolutely no overnight parking at the Station: your car will be subject to late night towing at the owner’s expense.  As the storm develops, we are dedicating a plow/driver to work the station from the early AM.  Early comuters should first park in the slots facing the northbound tracks.  Depending on valet service availability please self-park and do not box anyone in.  We do anticipate a lower volume of commuters but ask you to avoid the Valet Parking areas.   Our plan is to concentrate on keeping the valet area clear and then shift to digging out the self-park areas AFTER commuters return home and overnight Tuesday until cleaned as best as possible for Wednesday AM.

Briarcliff Manor Library and WJV Community Center:  The facility will not open until Wednesday.

Village Hall and Staff: We intend and expect to open Village Hall to address immediate Village needs with a limited staff.  Storm and municipal needs will determine at what point VH may close.

Planning Board Hearing and Meeting:  The scheduled hearing/meeting is cancelled and re-set for Tuesday, 4 April 2017.

Please pass this information to your neighbors and friends …especially our DPW service changes!

Philip E. Zegarelli,

Village Manager

Report 268B– 13 March 2017

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