Briarcliff Manor Village Election to Take Place on Tuesday, March 18th

Village of Briarcliff SealThe Briarcliff Manor People’s Caucus voted to endorse Cesare J. Derose, Jr. and incumbent Mark Pohar for seats on the Village Board of Trustees at its meeting on January 22nd. Pohar received 66 votes, Derose 60 votes and Larisa Wayne-Paulmeno got 50 votes. According to the Westchester Board of Elections, there are 5,531 registered voters in Briarcliff Manor.


The Village Elections will take place on Tuesday, March 18th, from 6am-9pm at the Briarcliff Manor Village Youth Center, 5 Van Lu Van Road. For more information on the election process in the Village, contact the Village Clerk at 914-941-4801.
Incumbent Trustee, Robert Murray has decided not to seek re-election. In addition to Robert’s service as Village Trustee he also spent five years as a member of the Planning Board.

People's Caucus With the caucus endorsement, Derose and Pohar will appear on the Caucus line on the March 18th election ballot.

In his nominating speech, held on January 15th at the “Meet the Candidates” meeting at the Middle School Theater, Cesar Derose mentioned that he grew up in Briarcliff, went to the high school and is raising his family in Briarcliff. He knows what a great community Briarcliff is and was an Eagle Scout, Pace University graduate and member of the Briarcliff Manor Fire Department. He manages the Briarcliff Hardware store in the Village and with his brother has formed Tegradirect, a building supply wholesale

Mr. Derose feels that his small business expertise in management and sales will bring a valuable perspective to the various projects the Village is involved with. As Trustee he believes he can keep an open mind while addressing the issues and bring creative solutions to the table.

Mark Pohar has been a Trustee in the Village for the past two years. He stated that he has enjoyed working with the Board. He acknowledged his respect and appreciation for the support of Village Manager, Philip Zegarelli. As a member of the Board, Mark works hard to uphold the standards, quality and lifestyle of the Village of Briarcliff Manor and he believes that the goal of the Board is to work for the residents of the Village. His desire is to continue work on projects that are currently in progress to see them to completion.

One nominee who did not get the endorsement of the People’s Caucus also made a speech at the “Meet the Candidates” meeting. Her name is Larisa Wayne-Paulmeno. Larisa summarized the history of her family life in Briarcliff and everything the Village had to offer them as residents. Larisa has a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. She has many years experience in design and construction management with the NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection and the NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation. Larisa also became a member of the AdHoc Facilities Committee prior to the reconstruction of the football fields at BMHS and was happy to share her engineering experience with the other community members involved.

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