A Message to Our Graduates

Dear Graduates of Briarcliff Manor High School and Ossining High School: On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the entire Village of Briarcliff Manor, I offer you the most heartfelt congratulations on your graduation. There is probably very little in your life that equals this wonderful milestone.  Embrace your achievement with all of the pride and hope for the future that each of you deserve.


During this time in each of your lives you will, no doubt, receive an abundance of congratulations, hear stories of your early days in grade and middle school and/or your high school antics and, no doubt, you will be given unsolicited advice for your future.  Our best advice is to just take it all in.  Enjoy the moment. Breathe!  The next step in your future is about to start, but it doesn’t have to start right now. You earned the right to revel in your accomplishment, so do it with pride.

Recognize also, that this is your time to grasp the opportunities well beyond our Village.  While many of you will be off to college, and others will be seeking job market prospects, today’s world has opportunities that no one only four years ago could imagine would exist. Go out there, go forth and take all that the world has for you!

Wherever your path may take you, whatever you are about to embark on, know that Briarcliff Manor will always be your home.  While your future may be still be a bit unchartered, Briarcliff Manor will always be in you.

Good luck and best wishes to you and your families!


Lori A. Sullivan, Mayor

Briarcliff Manor



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