Your Face Is Her Canvas

Linda Nicolo is celebrating her Medi Spa’s 20th year in Montrose.

Twenty-five years ago, long-time Croton-on-Hudson resident Linda Nicolo decided to follow her passion for medicine the best way she knew how. Though Linda was originally on a pre-med path in college, she changed direction and enrolled in a school for electrolysis. With an at-home business, she quickly gained a loyal following as an electrologist.  

“As that business grew, in 2001 I opened up a med spa iMontrose, where I’ve been for 20 years,” said Nicolo. “I started with a love for my work, a skill and I respected people’s time, was fair priced and I was really good at what I did. Women found me and spoke about me with their friends.” 

Within a year, Linda was offering a wide array of services, including permanent makeup, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels, before eventually adding botox injections like this Botox in Arvada, CO, facial fillers, cosmetic threads, and microblading. Those who want to try microblading must look for a professional with a Microblading Certification to ensure you’re in good hands.


Before and after photos illustrate the results of lip filler treatment.

As one of the only medi spas in the River Towns and as a Registered Nurse (RN) herself, Linda can provide all the services she offers in the comfort of her relaxing, hotel-like spa. “I’m very particular in how I mix my products and I don’t compromise anything,” noted Nicolo. You can look up Botox in Waunakee, WI or Botox in Baton Rouge, LA to see experts in the area that are offering the same.

That passion and expertise, especially in techniques like Eyebrow microblading, has helped her grow her business even as others opened – and then closed – right down the road. “As an RN, I was able to take control of what I built, and now I can protect my clients and make sure they receive the very best products and services available.” 

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“Those elevens that people talk about in the middle of their brow or the crow’s feet around their eyes — let them experience what botox can do.” Nicolo will also be offering eyebrow shaping and up to two lip threads free of charge during the celebration. All services will be offered by appointment throughout the week.  For more on giving your face a treat, see here the  best and the only place men should go to for eyebrow embroidery.

One thing Nicolo looks forward to down the road is welcoming her son Michael into her business. Michael, who writes plays in his spare time, is studying to be an RN. “He works in Brooklyn with two plastic surgeons, but someday he will take over this business.” Nicolo’s daughter Leann works in cyber-security. 

For now, Linda said, “My highest priority has always been to make sure my clients are safe. I see your face as a canvas. I want you to look like you again. I’m not going to change your appearance, but I will help make you look years younger.”

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