The Most Common Types of Work Injuries and How to Deal with Them


Millions of people around the globe encounter workplace injuries that mostly occur due to inappropriate equipment handling, professional negligence, technical faults, and not wearing proper protective gear. These accidents are pretty much avertable. Today, we are going to look at some common workplace injuries that not only affect the workflow but also cost the business and go through adequate strategies to let you deal with these workplace injuries effectively for which experts recommend to hire an expert like this workers comp attorney Las Vegas.

Transportation Injuries

These can turn out to be fatal as these accidents cause damage to vital organs like the brain, lungs, heart, or injure the spinal cord. Unfortunately, the dealt damage results in the affected individual getting treatment for longer periods and might even result in permanent disability. Most of the time, its cause is the long working hours and a tight schedule that make the drivers go the extra mile without taking adequate breaks. Technology has facilitated the transportation sector by providing sophisticated hardware that keeps the driver vigilant by alerting them if the sensors detect sleepy and inattentive behavior.

Strain Injuries

Sprains, strains, and ligament tears are the most common type of workplace injury that involves the use of muscle strength to carry out work. Inflammation, pain, and swelling are the symptoms experienced after the above-mentioned injuries which resolve after appropriate rest and medication. Most sprains or strains take around one week whereas severe injuries may take months to heal properly. These mostly happen when objects are lifted inappropriately, resulting in increased pressure on ligaments and tendons, resulting in damage.

Slip and Fall Injuries


Slips leading to falls occur in the construction industry. This happens due to a lot of reasons that include lack of traction, working on uneven terrain, and not wearing adequate footwear for the job. Trips also lead to falls that can cause injuries like bruises, cuts, lacerations, strains, and even fractures, brain, or spinal cord injuries in severe cases. If left unattended, these health conditions can worsen further, leading to permanent disability.

The construction industry is a major contributor to the GDP of New York. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for construction workers out there. If you are already an employee working in the construction industry, the company you work at matters; a personal injury lawyer in New York suggests that looking for a construction firm that emphasizes safety ensures the protection of employees from injuries while at work. In case of an injury, knowing your rights as an employee helps in understanding the legal grounds on which you can pursue a lawsuit with the help of a personal injury attorney or some work related accident lawyers from a workers comp law firm if needed. Still, the injuries from slips, trips, and falls can be prevented if workplace standards are maintained accordingly.

Repeated Strain Injuries

These injuries are the result of repetitive tasks like using force while operating machinery daily, improper posture while working, or applying muscle strength while in the wrong position when executing tasks. Too much strain to the same part of the body causes a repetitive strain injury. Tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are two common examples of RSIs in which the affected individual complains about throbbing pain, muscle weakness, tenderness, and loss of sensation at the affected area.

Mechanical Injuries

Whether it’s construction, agriculture, or the manufacturing industry, accidents can happen with workers operating heavy machinery. The outcomes can be disastrous so virtually that every business ensures adequate safety measures before starting their operations. Poorly guarded machinery parts and inappropriate safety gear are the two main causes of mechanical injuries. However, despite the safety measures, heavy machinery injuries can cause severe damage that includes fractures, crushed fingers, and severed arms. Besides safeguarding exposed parts, training new employees, and providing refresher classes on operating heavy equipment is also necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. Make sure to only use high quality equipment like these rolling ladders.

Injuries Due to Hazards

Chemical, fire, and electrical hazards are some common types encountered at workplaces. Short circuits, faulty gas lines, the use of combustible materials, and using faulty equipment can cause these workplace hazards. The injuries include burns, damage to vital organs, and could become fatal if exposed to the hazards for an extended period. Although rare, workplace hazards still could occur, and every workplace should be well equipped to act accordingly in the event of a hazard or a natural disaster. Practice drills are a great way to keep employees informed and ready in case of an unfortunate event.

The best way to protect yourself while working is by following the instructions and always remember to gear up before you start your work. We hope that you find the above-mentioned information useful and help you in dealing with them accordingly.

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