Small Business Owners Get a Helping Hand

Most small business owners know that running their own business takes an exorbitant amount of time. Whatever little time is left, they want to use to continue to grow their business, attract new customers, or even take time off. While some owners are savvy enough to manage a business, the bookkeeping and administration alone can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. That’s where JoAnn Burns comes in. As Owner and President of J. Burns Bookkeeping, Inc., she has been doing this for over twenty years.  She can assist with bookkeeping, consulting, human resources and office management so the business owner can focus on more important things. Many business owners have so little time or inclination to manage their books that, JoAnn notes, “they keep their receipts, timesheets and statements in a shoebox.” JoAnn can take that “shoebox” and create a financial spreadsheet, checkbook register, payroll, etc., so there is a snapshot view of the business’ financial status all saved in secure files. The files are in a format that small business owners can send to their accountants. JoAnn can work at your place of business, in her own office or via networked software.  She also works with individuals and accountants who often refer her to their clients to prepare their books so financials are immediately available. JoAnn’s clients include web designers, a cabinetry/home improvement company, financial planners, lawyers, real estate agents, and a local bus company. If you are a small business owner or accountant and need a helping hand with organizing your financial matters, contact JoAnn Burns at J. Burns Bookkeeping – phone: (914) 909-1575, e-mail:, or go to Offices are located at 555 Taxter Road, Suite 190, Elmsford, NY  10523.

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