Robison Announces Partnership with Dandelion Energy

Continuing to branch out into green energy solutions, Robison has announced a partnership with Dandelion Energy.

Robison, the premiere home comfort company in the region, will work with Dandelion to install geothermal heating and cooling solutions, continuing to provide their customers and the region with the best energy options. Dandelion is the number 1 installer of residential geothermal in the country.

Robison has served the residents of Westchester and Putnam County for over a century. The home comfort company is the area’s “one-stop shop” for all energy needs offering biofuel, natural gas and green electricity, as well as licensed plumbing services like Water heater replacement, repairs and installations of all types of heating and cooling systems, and various solutions for indoor air quality problems. A good company like this maple grove plumbing services here can offer a number of solutions to ensure your water is clean and clear!

Dan Singer, president of Robison, said that this is the next logical step for the company since the market for green energy solutions is growing. Geothermal energy uses heat radiating from the earth. By installing heat pumps, homeowners can harness this energy to both heat and cool their homes.

“Owners of new homes or ones planning renovations could benefit by looking into geothermal heating and cooling as an alternative to conventional energy sources,’’ said Singer. “By partnering with Dandelion, we can offer our customers the best in-class solution for ground source heat pumps as well as the Robison service and customer support they have come to rely upon.’’

Developing and expanding access to sustainable energy has quickly become a significant priority for New Yorkers as one the country’s most populous states strives to transition to carbon neutrality by 2050. Dandelion makes it simple and affordable for homeowners to replace existing natural gas or heating oil-powered furnaces with geothermal units that provide the most efficient form of heating and air conditioning available while delivering significant savings over fossil fuel furnaces and inefficient air conditioning.

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“This partnership makes perfect sense”, says Shannon Smith, Dandelion’s Chief Growth Officer.  “Robison has long-standing trusted relationships with their customers and can now offer Dandelion’s innovative geothermal heating and cooling system to those customers ready to transition their homes away from fossil fuels.”

Singer said with the price of oil and gas rising and concerns about fossil fuels’ impact on our environment, many customers are considering conversion, particularly with the many rebates now available to offset costs.

“With utility companies in many states now offering substantial rebates, the cost of installation is much more affordable for the homeowner,’’ he said.  Adding to the incentives, New York state just announced a new state tax credit of 25% of the cost of geothermal systems, up to $5,000, another massive win for New York homeowners looking for cleaner energy solutions.

For instance in New York State, a partnership between New York State and utility company Con Edison makes installing a heat pump an economical and sustainable choice for homeowners. Most homeowners can qualify for up to $21,000 in rebates and can also take advantage of low-interest loans and federal tax credits.

Depending on location and preference, homeowners can install an air source or a ground source heat pump. While both require electricity to run, they ultimately deliver more energy than they use, thanks to their ability to concentrate and move heat to specific areas, according to Con Edison.

Ground source heat pumps are a particularly good option if you’re planning a major renovation or building a new home. They are quiet and efficient, regulate temperature in different zones simultaneously, require no fossil fuels (gas or oil), and produce significantly less carbon. Systems can lower energy costs up to 50% and last approximately 25 years, greatly increasing return on investment.

To learn more about rebates for geothermal energy in New York State and in other parts of the country consult IRS rules.

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