Rapid Expansion of the Sweepstakes Casino Market in the Usa

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The US casino market has changed in the past few decades. At first, the focus was on online casinos that allowed players to enjoy convenient gaming from home. This development then evolved to feature social casino games that were free to play and thus allowed players to enjoy a blend of casino gaming and affordability.

Now, the focus is on sweepstakes casinos that allow players to enjoy cash prizes despite the lack of cash wagers. The list of sweepstakes casinos USA has grown by leaps and bounds and is expected to keep doing so in the coming decade as more and more companies enter the market.

What Has Resulted in This Industry’s Growth?

For any industry to grow, it must have factors influencing its upward and outward expansion. In the sweepstakes casino industry, the following perks have proved lucrative:

1.   The Entry of Reputable Software Companies

Sweepstakes casinos operate on reliable software that enables them to offer stable games to players. And in recent years, more software developers have thrown their hats into the sweepstakes casino rings. Consider these examples:

  1. CasinoWebScripts: This company released over 200 casino games, allowing sweepstakes casino operators to enjoy the wide selection without high upfront costs. They can rent the games at a fee, allowing them to offer the games free to their customers without passing on additional costs. Additionally, this renting basis allows operators to estimate their overall operational costs in advance and thus sustain profitable business models. Additional perks include:
  • Giving free coins to players for completing simple challenges such as inviting their friends.
  • Offering credible and reliable payment methods for players who wish to make purchases.
  • Introducing a VIP program for players who want to enjoy better rewards.
  1. CogniPlay: This developer differentiates itself from other companies by offering customizable options to its clients, enabling them to design their user interfaces to match what their customers want. Moreover, it offers a range of games from reputable suppliers in the industry and has invested in fair gaming technologies.
  2. iGamingBook: This company offers bespoke and turnkey software solutions and has established itself as a reliable company that boasts the latest technologies. Thanks to the minimum revenue-sharing structure, casino operators can enjoy considerable savings while enjoying 3,000+ games from >40 providers.
  3. BitBetWin: This software company is known for its excellent slot games that boast simplicity and exciting themes. It also offers secure payment options and complies with fair gaming requirements.

Thanks to the innovative features introduced by these software companies, sweepstakes casino operators can focus their efforts on the front end, knowing that these developers have fully managed the back end to offer their clients reliable and customizable gaming experiences.

2.   The Legality.

The strict regulatory framework is one of the main hurdles to operating a casino in the  USA. However, since sweepstakes casinos do not accept money from players, they are legal in most states. As such, operators can operate these casinos if they ensure that players meet the requirements below:

  • They must meet the minimum age requirements – this can be 18 or 21, depending on the state.
  • They must live in states that allow such games – while many states have okayed such games, some, like Washington, do not allow such gameplay.

Many adults meet these requirements, which gives sweepstakes casino operators a broad audience.

3.   The Popularity.

Casino players have embraced sweepstakes casinos with ease for the following reasons:

  1. The free play. While sweepstakes casinos allow players to pay for virtual coins and enter more games and promotions, monetary investment is not necessary. Players can simply sign up on a site and start playing with free coins. They will still stand the chance to amass sweep coins and walk away with prizes if they compete in games and promotions as advertised on the site. As such, they can have their cake and eat it.
  2. The variety. For many players, sweepstakes casinos are the perfect avenue to enjoy casino games. They do not disappoint, as they offer games of skill like poker and games of chance like slots. With reputable sites like Wow Vegas, Stake.US, Pulsz, McLuck, and Hard Rock offering sweepstakes casinos, the number of games has grown by thousands, allowing all players to enjoy a varied selection.

Moreover, players can win payouts at the end of each competition, and many sites allow players to redeem their sweep coins via bank, card, or e-wallet payments. As such, players can amass monetary benefits without spending a dime.

Sweepstakes casinos are like any other casino. However, unlike real-money casinos, which are often saddled with legality and capital requirements, joining and playing in these casinos is easy for most people living in the US, making them the perfect alternative.

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