Ossining Innovates! + WEDC to Launch Next Idea Generation Workshop on July 20

“The collaborative workshop environment offered by the IDEATE Bootcamp is a great way to develop the skillset needed to identify an idea that you might bring to fruition. I learned how to ask the right questions and use my creativity in new ways, and it was a privilege to get to learn from such skilled and experienced facilitators. I highly recommend everyone benefit from this unique course!” – Daniel Blake, Jan 2023

Have you been seriously considering starting your own business or non-profit? Or have you already begun the process but aren’t sure how to proceed? Are you dreaming of being your own boss but haven’t found that idea you want to pursue? Have you had the desire to take more control over your life?

Then the Idea Generation Workshop is the perfect place for you. In just two-sessions you can jumpstart your business.

During the workshop participants will learn how to come up with ideas that might be the basis for a successful business; how to evaluate these ideas, taking into account their resources, skills, networks and the like; and how to prioritize which of their ideas is most likely to succeed and bring them the rewards they desire.

Hurry and Apply Today Before The Workshop Fills!


July 20 at Ossining Riverworks, 10am – 5pm

August 7 online, 6pm – 9pm

Apply: https://ossininginnovates.com/idea-bootcamp

For those who can afford it, a $75 fee helps us make this program available to others who cannot.

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