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‘With dedication and hard work, I intend to make Phelps a destination center for highest quality and advanced care close to home.’ – Beata Mastalerz. Photo supplied

Beata Mastalerz’s new job would give anyone pause for thought. In her role as the new executive director at Phelps Hospital, she is responsible for day-to-day management, steering growth, and ensuring high standards of patient care, three massive areas each of which could easily be a full-time job. “But I am surrounded by a beautiful team of leaders,” she explains, referring to several warmly by name. “We have expertise, talent and technology. I want to make this the best hospital in the area.” 

Mastalerz, a mother of two, lives with her husband in Rockland County and freely admits she is new to the Westchester River Towns. “And I’m starting to love the place. The Hudson is breathtaking and the area is so calming.” She visited Phelps twice while considering whether to work there, and the warmth of her initial reception, when she walked into the lobby one quiet Sunday morning, helped convince her that the big job would be the right move. 

Phelps, part of Northwell Health, is looked on fondly by its patients, and Mastalerz is keen to serve that community. Previously she was executive director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, another very busy medical facility. “My strong talent is surgical services,” she explains, “and I created structures there to enable much more complex procedures.” She plans similar initiatives for Phelps where, in addition to the six active operating rooms, she has identified three more that were going underutilized. 

Which, then, will be the areas of growth under her watch? “I want to work on access to care, regardless of status or background.” Neurosurgery, orthopedics, behavioral and mental health, digestive health and greater use of the hospital’s three robots are also all on her list. And then there’s cancer care. “Within the next three years we will be redesigning and refitting the 777 building [one of the three interconnected structures which together make up Phelps] as a state-of –the-art cancer center. As part of Northwell’s Cancer Institute we are able to provide our patients with access to clinical trials, research, and the most innovative treatments.” 

Northwell’s support is central to Mastalerz’s ambitions for an expanded workforce and to make the hospital more patient-centric. “Northwell is the force that gives us the opportunity to grow and flourish. And we are a non-profit, so if we do well, it all goes back to the community.” 

Meanwhile, Mastalerz is on a mission to get to know her workforce. “We have such an amazing staff. My job is to support, engage, encourage and make them smile more. I want to grow leadership, and make the employees feel heard and supported. I love to make people feel as part of a family.” 

She finds it easy to relate, having worked her way up herself. “I arrived from Poland aged twenty-one, with not much English. I was a nurse in Poland, and I started here as a nursing attendant, while baby-sitting to earn more cash. I’ve done it all, and I fully respect everyone’s impact on the patients. I want us all to feel pride in who we are.” 

It’s a big hill to climb but now, in her second month into her new role, Mastalerz seems happy and energized. “The last thing I like to do,” she says, “is to talk about myself. I will show who I am by my actions. With dedication and hard work, I intend to make Phelps a destination center for highest quality and advanced care close to home.”




  1. O. K. , but maybe now we will not have to wait 2 months to secure an appointment , right? Yuh, right.

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