Keep Calm and Keratin On

Get your facts here on what exactly Keratin is. Keratin is a Fibrous Structural Protein which is the main component in our hair keeping it nice and strong. If you’re looking to have more shine, and want to treat your hair with a product that’s  age-defying, and you hate frizz, and you want your color to not fade… the Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment is your go-to. You will no regret getting this done to your hair, you probably can’t even imagine how great your hair is going to look. For those who are planning on doing an at home Keratin, it is very important to have all the necessary material and an extra pair of hands so you are completely sure you covered your entire head of hair.

There are many Keratins available with no chemicals like Formaldehyde or Aldehyde so make sure you do your research and choose the right option for you. At  Ilda’s Salon and Spa we have three types of Keratins that  do not contain Formaldehyde or Aldehyde. Wishing everyone a Happy Hair Day!   T (914) 372-7750

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