Find Your Purpose Summit Scheduled for People Considering Career Changes

Genevieve Piturro

The pandemic has inspired thousands to reflect on their careers and evaluate their goals and dreams, in fact, according to a July 13th article in the Wall Street Journal “More U.S. workers are quitting their jobs than at any time in at least two decades…” Best-selling author and motivational speaker Genevieve Piturro is hosting the inaugural “Find Your Purpose Summit” to help people looking for a change to determine out what comes next and how do they get there. The conference will be held Saturday, October 2nd from 10am – 5pm at 50 Main Street at City Square in White Plains.

Piturro found her true purpose in life while reading books to children in a homeless shelter. She left her job as a successful TV marketing executive when a little girl in an emergency shelter asked her a question that turned her world upside down.  She soon created Pajama Program, a nationally renowned non-profit that gives new pajamas and books to children in shelters around the country, a simple concept that has had a positive impact on thousands of children nationwide. Now Piturro is on a mission to help others find their true purpose and life calling. On October 2 she will host the first Find Your Purpose Summit with an A-list of speakers, consultants and coaches who will guide attendees looking to start the next chapter in their lives.

“This past year has been a time of reflection and so many people are now looking for a change, a chance to achieve their dreams,” says Piturro. “But major change is challenging; you need a support team and guidance on how to keep going and not give up. This one-day conference is for anyone who has questioned whether or not their work is fulfilling or if they are leading a meaningful, purpose-driven life.”

At the Summit, Piturro will share life and leadership lessons she learned through her Pajama Program journey. Her book, an Amazon Best Seller, Purpose, Passion and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning was the winner for INSPIRATIONAL book in the 2021 National Indie Excellence® Awards. The one-day conference will also include:

  • Piturro’s innovative “slide or jump” process
  • Inspirational speakers who share how they were able to make a change and pursue their true purpose
  • Entrepreneurs offering emotional and practical tools to manage the process
  • Workshops to help you plan timelines, budgets, and marketing objectives for success
  • Live, Guided Purpose Mediation

Speakers and workshop leaders include (list will be updated on the website in the coming weeks):

Your Purpose Journey: A Slide or a Jump?

“Right now is the time to invest in yourself and that dream you’ve had on the backburner,” says Genevieve Piturro. “For some of us, jumping in and figuring things out as we go is what we do best. For others, taking our time and sliding our purpose into our lives slowly, gives us the breathing room we need to plan and prep.” Piturro teaches how to find the right path so that Finding YOUR Pajamas (Purpose!) is the perfect fit.

Rx: Purpose

In this workshop, Mary Shomon shares her story of how her own misdiagnosed and debilitating chronic disease led her toward her own unique “cure:” a career as an internationally known bestselling health author, educator, influencer, and award-winning patient advocate. Mary will share her 7-step prescription to help change frustrating obstacles into opportunities and live a life of purpose and passion.

No Magic Answers, But a Few Magic Questions

Purpose and meaning are elusive to define, but they don’t need to be elusive to achieve. Tom J. Morley, Regional Director of the NYS Small Business Development Center, will help participants focus on their value, how to determine the value they bring, and then identify a path forward to achieve established goals. Attendees will look at some questions that may seem simple but in that simplicity lies clarity to address opportunities, limitations or challenges.

Your Bottom Line

For 25 years, Wiley Harrison’s company, BYB/Business of your Business, has been helping small businesses with their accounting needs, financial growth, and overall success. Harrison offers Summit attendees his expertise on what new businesses need to know to begin as financially sound operations and continue growing their bottom lines year after year.

Stand Still or Take a Leap of Faith

Valerie Carter shares her story about taking her work skills out of the office and into her own consultancy firm. She gives tips on how to recognize your marketable skills and find your own clients so you can find a way to offer your work, on your terms.

You are your brand – Now tell the world!

In this workshop Risa B. Hoag, President and Founder of GMG Public Relations, will focus on how to convey who you are and what you stand for in everything you do. Building an image through marketing is an important on-going process that takes care and planning.

The Finding Your Purpose Summit will take place from 10am – 5pm on Saturday, October 2, 2021, at The City Square located at 50 Main Street in White Plains, N.Y., space that was donated by Martin Ginsburg for the event. Early bird pricing is $199 and includes a signed copy of Piturro’s book, Purpose, Passion and Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection and Lead with Meaning. Attendees will also receive the Find YOUR Pajamas workbook, a notebook with a copy of all presentations, and a copy of a guided meditation MP3 file.

Visit for information on additional workshops and registration.

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