Filming To Take Place in Tarrytown on November 16 & 17

Universal Television will be filming a significant production on November 16 and 17 at the following downtown Tarrytown locations:

  • 2 South Broadway
  • 1 Neperan Road
  • The parking lot behind the Music Hall and Coffee Labs
  • John Street between Main Street and West Elizabeth Street

The production will be setting up on Friday, November 12 and Monday, November 15.  The filming will take place on Tuesday, November 16 and Wednesday, November 17, and equipment breakdown and wrap up will take place on Thursday, November 18 and Friday, November 19.  There will be intermittent road closures during the filming days only but nothing more than a couple of minutes at a time.  There might appear to be police officers, who are actors, chasing and catching criminals, and any weaponry they use will be props only.  Several Tarrytown Police Officers will be stationed in the area to help control pedestrian and vehicular traffic and maintain order throughout the day on November 16 and November 17.

The only parking lot that will be utilized for parking by the film production company will be the Neperan Road parking lot. Some Downtown parking spaces will be necessary for the filming during the two days of the filming.  The majority of the production vehicles (cast, crew, trucks) will be set up at an offsite location away from the Downtown.

As a reminder to everyone, film permits are a significant source of revenue to the Village which helps offset the burden on our taxpayers, which includes business owners.  Under the Board’s policy, one-half of the revenue goes into a fund to benefit the downtown, which includes things like the Downtown flowers, the Downtown tree lights, and the weekend street closures for outdoor dining during warm weather.

We apologize for any inconvenience which may result from this filming event.

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