Entergy Completes Sale of Indian Point Energy Center to Holtec

Entergy Corporation (NYSE: ETR) today completed the sale of the subsidiaries that own Indian Point Energy Center to a Holtec International subsidiary, which plans to complete major decommissioning activities at the site decades sooner than if Entergy had continued to own the facility. The final operating unit at the site, Unit 3, was shut down by Entergy on April 30, 2021, after generating electricity safely and reliably for the last 45 years.

Indian Point Unit 1 was shut down in 1974. Indian Point Unit 2 was shut down in April 2020.

Entergy and Holtec announced the Indian Point sale in April 2019. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the transfer of Indian Point’s licenses to Holtec in November 2020 and the New York State Public Service Commission approved the transfer on May 19, 2021. The agencies found that Holtec possesses the required technical and financial qualifications to own and decommission Indian Point safely and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

“We thank all our employees at Indian Point for operating a safe, secure and reliable plant for more than 20 years under Entergy’s ownership, and we look forward to many of them continuing on with Entergy at new locations,” said Entergy chairman and CEO Leo Denault. “With our previously announced agreement for the post-shutdown sale of Palisades nuclear power plant in 2022, we remain on track to complete our exit from nuclear power operations in merchant markets.”

“Protecting public health and safety and the environment is the foundation upon which the Indian Point decommissioning program will be carried out,” said Holtec’s president and CEO Dr. Kris Singh. “The cutting-edge technologies that we have employed at Pilgrim and Oyster Creek to ensure maximum worker and environmental safety and wellbeing of the local communities will be employed at Indian Point to secure the same excellent outcomes that we continue to achieve at other plants in our fleet. We are committed to a continuous engagement with the stakeholders at the local and state levels to ensure a smooth dissemination of information at all times.”

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