Dr. Ronald J. Bucci: Certified Chiropractor


When it comes to chiropractors, there are very few as well- known and as talented as Dr. Ronald J. Bucci. Ron, a life-long native of Tarrytown, has been tending to the ailments of community residents for about twenty years.

Ailments of the human body are no stranger to Ron.

He played high school football for Hackley and competed professionally in body building. Unfortunately, during his senior year of high school, Ron broke his neck playing football. “As a result of the problems I developed…I didn’t want to be dependent on medication at such a young age… I tried a chiropractor and it helped me out tremendously. That’s probably what made me want to become a good chiropractor like chiropractors South Yarra,” says Ron.

As a chiropractor, Ron deals with a variety of injuries and disorders. Ron aids victims of work-related injuries and no-fault automobile accident injuries. Ron also specializes in treatments of sciatica and disc injuries. Ron is a Medicare provider and takes “great pleasure” in aiding the senior community with highly effective treatment. Ron also treats infants, children, and adults of all ages and has worked with some of the area’s premier doctors. Learn more about a chiropractors job and how can they help you at https://vitalitychiropracticcentres.com/treatment-for-vertigo-and-dizziness/.

Besides being a chiropractor, Ron is also a loving husband and father. Ron lives in Tarrytown with his wife Judith and three children. Ron is also a certified personal trainer, comic memorabilia collector, and martial arts expert. On top of all that, he is an incredible professional and one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

Ron’s office is conveniently located at 150 White Plains Road and can be reached for appointments at 332-1717.

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