Doris Bertocci

Doris Bertocci, LCSW, BCD is a Clinical Social Worker with diverse private practices in Irvington and White Plains. She sees individuals (adolescents and adults) and couples and additionally offers consultation to assist people in finding appropriate community resources for a wide range of services (e.g.

treatment or testing of children, geriatric care, etc.). Ms. Bertocci has three specialty areas beginning with college mental health, in which she had a thirty-five year career at Columbia University. She also is knowledgeable about the psychology of adoption, particularly from the perspective of the birthparent and the adopted adult.

Since relocating to Westchester Ms. Bertocci has developed a specialty treating parents and adolescents in custody litigation. In the course of a number of professional activities relating to this area of Family Law, she has become aware of the limited training that attorneys and judges have in the mental health issues that are pervasively embedded in their legal work with divorcing families. Ms. Bertocci is interested in making a contribution to current efforts toward court reform in this area.

More information can be obtained through Ms. Bertocci’s website which cites the topics in which she has a good deal of experience and interest. Also in the website is a description of her clinical approach, essays on the three specialty areas mentioned above, and a Q & A which attempts to answer common questions people have about psychotherapy, including distinctions between the different degrees and approaches in the mental health field. Ms.Bertocci can be reached at 914-591-7100 x104

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