Curly Talk… Let’s Get Something Straight

Curly hair gets cut and styled in an entirely different manner than straight hair. The key is to
“express never suppress” the curls.
Ouidad, a curl expert in the beauty industry, believes  that “Curls are bold, natural, vibrant and classic works of art!”

As a hair styling professional, I categorize curly hair into four types: loose, wavy, curly, and last but not least, kinky.  All of these types require proper maintenance, and the first step is washing the hair with a gentle shampoo specifically intended for the hair type.  After shampooing, conditioning is very important and should never be skipped. Curls need moisture and the more the bouncier. After conditioning, a curl cream or gel is applied. The results are striking and the look is indeed bold, natural, vibrant and classic.
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