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Elite Construction is a privately-owned construction firm that was established in November of 2014 by two men from Ireland–Conor Lynam and De-clan Shiels, who possess a vast amount of knowledge through-out the construction industry. Born and raised in Westmeath, Conor has been an essential part of a Construction Firm located in New York City where he was a Project Executive for the past five years. Declan was born and raised in Cavan and has worked as a General Fore-man on high-end residential work in Manhattan for the past fifteen years.

Declan has been an integral part of projects rang-ing in value from one million  dollars to five million dollars.  Together, Conor and Declan now specialize in drywall, framing and carpentry for interior residential work.  They carry between 10-15 carpenters and 4-5 tapers that deliver a high-end product for Elite Construction on a daily basis. Their office is located at 1 Neperan Road in the heart of Tarrytown although their high-end interior residential work has been geographically located throughout New York City.  Their primary focus is to bring their client’s vision to life, as Conor and De-clan are extremely customer service-oriented.  Elite currently possesses core values such as competence, integrity and innovation as they are looking to expand their work throughout the Rivertowns. Conor and Declan’s expertise revolves around the development of complex logistics and field management.  Between the partners, combined, they have over twenty years of experience as they have solved all types of construction issues, which could be helped by professionals like roofing contractors Roscoe IL, that have arisen along the way throughout their careers.

[blockquote class=blue]Conor and Declan can be contacted via Email at or by phone at (917) 588-1288.[/blockquote]

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  1. To whom It may concern.

    I see that you wrote an article about Elite Construction Company. I don’t know where to turn, but this company walked away from remodeling my house after 8 months and 170,000. My family and I don’t have money for a lawyer and my husband lost his business due to COVID. Is there any article that I can write to tell people my story ? I don’t want what happened to me to happen to others. I sit in an unfinished house. It is so bad that a door was installed upside down. I have tried to reach out to them. I have posted pictures and a review on Google that they took down. How can I get my story out there ? Thank you in advance for any time or consideration in this matter

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