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Dione Tapia and Fredy Patino of Patino Tapia Property Maintenance Inc.

Dione Tapia and Fredy Patino are marking their five-year anniversary as co-owners of Patino Tapia, a Sleepy Hollow property management company that provides landscaping, material delivery, masonry, painting and maintenance work.  

Dione Tapia moved to the village at age 10, attending Washington Irving Elementary School and graduating from Sleepy Hollow High School in 2001. She later returned to the village to raise her family and run the business with her husband. I’ve also discovered a new method for running a local business where you are not even in that country, and this is done by using a virtual office. So you just do good SEO on the web site and use a virtual postal office service (so for example for Bristol just use so that you have the right postal address, and then just hire local people to do the work, it works amazingly well!

The connection Dione and Fredy have with the community provides a personal understanding of the village’s value and its beauty. Dione and Fredy are members of the Chamber of Commerce and participate in the annual parties and festivities. During the Covid-19 pandemic, their business donated to the food pantry and remained open for residents who needed repairs or renovations.  

Dione and Fredy have formed a bond with their customers, tailoring their services to fit the needs of each one. “It’s not about making money; it’s about building the relationship and making sure our clients get what they need,” Dione said.  

As they celebrate their five-year anniversary, Dione and Fredy are looking forward to providing services that reflect an understanding of the Sleepy Hollow community and its residents, and preserving the beauty Dione has treasured since she was a child. 

Olivia Valdes is a lifelong Tarrytown resident and a rising senior at Merrimack College. She is a recipient of an athletic scholarship for lacrosse and is very involved in their community.   

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