BCW Energy Conference “Bringing Power to Westchester” Focuses on Renewable Energy

Panel of experts discuss ways to meet aggressive renewable energy goals to meet energy demands

The Business Council of Westchester hosted an energy conference that assembled local energy experts to discuss how New York will achieve aggressive carbon-neutral goals.

Bringing Power to Westchester was a four-hour virtual event hosted by executive vice president John Ravitz, who kicked off the event by outlining the BCW’s years of energy advocacy, particularly around the debate about the Indian Point Energy Center, which permanently closed in April.

“Now we have no choice but to make sure we build that renewable energy infrastructure….to make sure we don’t have the same problems we’ve seen in California and Texas,” said Ravitz, referring to recent news reports assessing New York’s ability to keep power flowing during extreme heat or cold weather.

Many of the speakers discussed the challenges New York will face to meet the state’s aggressive emission-reduction standards. Others discussed the network of new infrastructure required for solar- and wind-energy production, and the need for public acceptance.

“We face real reliability concerns if we don’t build the renewable-energy infrastructure,” said Ravitz. “Communities in Westchester and elsewhere can’t use environmental reviews and legal roadblocks to prevent these projects from being built. NIMBY cannot be allowed to play a role in this process.”

The conference speakers included:

  • Leonard Singh, senior vice president of Con Edison’s Customer Energy Solutions division, “How the utility is simultaneously managing changing policies, technologies, and customer expectations.”
  • Ron Kamen, CEO of Earthkind Energy Consulting, “Benefits of government incentives for green technologies.”
  • David Singer, co-president of Robison, “Fossil fuels will remain an important part of New York’s energy landscape because they are less still expensive than green technology.”
  • Tucker Perkins, CEO, Propane Education and Research Council representing Paraco, “How Propane & Renewable Propane Improve Climate & Promote Energy Equity.”
  • Brydon Ross, Vice President of State Affairs, Consumer Energy Alliance- ” Challenges & Opportunities in Bringing Clean Energy to Westchester and All New Yorkers.”
  • William Reid, CEO Danskammer Energy “Danskammer Energy-Danskammer Power to Gas Vision.”
  • Peter McCartt, Director of Energy Conservation and Sustainability, Office of Westchester County Executive “Renewable Energy & Conservation Initiatives in Westchester County.”
  • Bill Zujewski, CMO, Green Business Bureau “The Case for Clean Energy & Green Business Certification.”
  • Thomas Kelly, Senior Energy Manager, SUNY Purchase College “Think Wide Open-Purchase’s Sustainable Future.”
  • Alana Appenzeller, Program Manager “New York Power Authority “Re Charge New York: How Businesses Find The Power To Succeed.”

To view the conference on the BCW’s YouTube page, click here.

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