Shelf Awareness Meets Self Awareness

It’s fascinating how, in times of mutual duress, we self-select silos to inhabit.

For the sake of simplicity — if over-generalization — let’s look at binary silos. 

For example, in one silo are those who look askance at the severity of the COVID-19 spread.

This silo is convinced that extreme measures such as shelter in place are an over-reaction to what is, in their estimation, not much more lethal than the flu.

In the other silo are those who take the pandemic at face value. They don’t question its killer instincts. 

Let’s try another example…

In one silo are people who stockpile groceries, buying 2-3 months’ worth of rations instead of 2-3 weeks’ worth.

In the other silo are people who can’t suppress their generosity of spirit and awareness that everyone is in the same situation. They “take what they need and leave the rest,” following the sage advice of The Band’s Robbie Robertson.

They buy what they need, and not much more, doing their little bit to ensure the supply on shelves will serve as many as possible as soon as possible.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words.

I came across the one at right on Facebook.

The person posting it wrote, “BE KIND and remember this photo today [when] you are going out for your next trip or [have] already hoarded. This may be me one day. It could be any of us. It’s just wrong.”

If you have something to say about this photo, whichever silo you occupy, feel free to write a caption for it in the Comment box below.

To Your Health. Stay Safe. Keep the Faith.


  1. What about shelf awareness when it comes to the orange idiot in the White House? Last September, Trump complained about energy-efficient light bulbs (which his administration has tried to block) making him look orange to House Republicans at a policy retreat. Then Trumpy said the coravirus was a hoax. Right now, Trumpy says NY doesn’t need ventilators and more people getting sick in NY and dying. Yet, Yorktown GOP remain quiet about the orange idiot in the White House. Is he making America Great or making America sicker? How about addressing the fact that Yorktown GOP refuses to admit that trumpy is unfit to serve.

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