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Holiday SweaterAlright, here it is… we’re nearing the end of the holiday season. After Christmas there is only one more major event to get through and then it’s another one in the books! If you’ve been good this season (and Santa can attest to it) then a big congrats to you for avoiding the candy cane cocktails, the chocolate covered everything’s that seem to pop up all over the place this time of year, the green and red colored candies and all the yummy homemade treats that litter every office!

If, on the other hand, you’ve indulged a tad too much, had more than your fair share of bellyaches and hangovers and are watering at the mouth just thinking about the cannolis, gingerbread men, and minty chocolaty treats that will decorate your Christmas table, then I feel I must interject here. An intervention if you will. I offer you a few tips to get you through the next couple of days without sabotaging, any further, your healthy eating efforts! Because we want to start you off on the right foot this new year, and that’s a healthy, happy, self-assured foot. Not the frustrated, unsatisfied, I’ve gained too much weight, get me to weight-watchers immediately, foot.

So here we go!

Tips for holiday eating:

1 – If you must try everything in sight otherwise Nana and Aunt Martha will be utterly offended, then take as few bites as necessary. If you take three bites max of everything you encounter at that holiday table, then that should give you just enough to taste, enjoy and feel satisfied while at the same time, allow you to move on to the next thing without that “I ate too much, nauseous feeling” thing going on.

2 – Eat slowly! I don’t care if your Nana is hovering over you with a massive bowl of pasta waiting for you to clean your plate only to cover it up again, I must insist that you take your time. Eating slowly helps your mind to catch up with your full belly, thus again avoiding the “I ate too much, nauseous feeling” thing.

3 – Mingle, mingle, mingle. Don’t stand around the buffet table. Talk to Aunt Martha, or your weird cousin who emits a certain oder, or your bratty nephew. Don’t use eating as a means to be anti-social!

4 – Drink plenty of water. Don’t dehydrate yourself, otherwise you’ll feel it first thing the next morning. With each glass of wine, cocktail or cordial, make sure to drink a glass of water. (If anything, do it because you don’t want to end up telling your cousin what you really think of his holiday sweater!)

5 – Enjoy yourself! This is a time to be thankful, grateful and joyful. Happy Holidays to everyone who has been kind enough to read my fitness blog throughout the year and hopefully I’ll see you all in the new year, armed with all sorts of new and interesting fitness blogs to keep you entertained!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Anne Marie Costanzo is a nationally certified personal trainer and owner of Little Black Dress Personal Training. She can be reached at or (914) 841-1121.

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